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SCM Advantage 28-9-18

Supply Chain Management for Competitive Advantage

In today’s complex and connected world, supply chain is more and more recognized as a key source of competitive advantage and differentiation. Companies strive to build powerful supply chains that will enable them to get their products to market faster, more efficiently and more economically than their competition.

For many businesses – particularly those in high tech, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical and fresh produce – time to market and effective distribution channels are critical success factors, and therefore supply chain management competencies and capabilities are what drive competitive advantage.

  • Introduction:
    • What is Supply Chain Management
    • Objective of Supply Chain Management
    • Key decision phases of supply chain
    • Drivers of Supply Chain Performance
    • Process views of Supply Chains
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
    • Supply Chain & Business Strategy
    • Developing Supply Chain Strategy
    • Supply Chain Design for Competitive Advantage
  • Planning and Managing Inventory
    • The role of inventory in supply chain
    • Managing uncertainty in the Supply Chain
  • Procurement and Sourcing Decisions
  • Principles of Logistics & Distribution
    • Logistics and Distribution as a differentiator
  • Supply Chain Sustainability and Risks Management
    • Efficient vs. Agile Supply Chains
  • Coordination and Collaboration in Supply Chains
    • Long-term collaboration
    • Creating Shared value for the Supply Chain partners
  • Supply Chain Performance and Improvement Management
    • Develop supply chain performance metrics to mapped to business strategy
    • Supply Chain Maturity and benchmarking
    • Analyze and Improve the supply chain

Course Objective

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of the Supply Chain Management Basics
  • Learn how to align Supply Chain with Business and Competitive strategy
  • Design the Supply Chain for Competitive advantage
  • Learn to develop supply chain performance metrics to mapped to business strategy
  • Understand Supply Chain visibility and Performance Management
  • Understand why Supply Chain Management matters to business success
  • Using Value Chain Analysis – to understand the core activities and how they can be designed for competitive advantage
  • How leading-edge companies increasingly use Supply Chain as a strategic tool – as a business enabler, revenue driver and differentiation