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Safety & Security Mgmt

Fire Safety and Risk Management


Current fire safety legislation requires a risk based regime in organizations with a nominated competent person overseeing fire safety management. Fire and safety training courses give a basic idea about workplace safety and health practices, and the various ways to follow them.

On completion of the course you will be better able to:

• Identify hazards and any fire safety management deficiencies
• Advise on improvements to control measures in reducing the risk of fire
• Advise of fire fighting access requirements
• Confidently conduct effective fire risk assessments
• Compile fire risk assessment reports
• Compile and manage fire emergency plans
• Give advice on construction site fire safety requirements.


A variety of exercises, videos, case studies and interactive power point presentation

Contents of Training:

Session 1: 
-Welcome & Keynote Address – Workshop Objectives & Agenda Review
-HSE Management System- An overview
-Principles of Fire and Explosion
-Managing Fire Safety
-Causes and Prevention of Fires

Session 2:
Interpretation of the Legislation
Risk Assessment Terminology
Principles of Risk Assessment
Relationship between Health and Safety Risk Assessments and Fire Risk Assessments

Session 3:
The five steps in the fire risk assessment
Means of escape and human behavior
Overview of fire safety engineering solutions
Management Arrangements

Session 4:
Workplace-Based Practical Assessment (Fire Risk Assessment)
Collaboration within Workshop Groups